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For many years, mast climbing work platforms have represented the alternative to traditional scaffoldings. Times have changed and this type of equipment has become a key success factor for works of building façade as well as for civil works, industrial construction, and repairs and rehab of infrastructures. In all cases, safety, productivity, and economy remain a concern for all experts and construction companies involved in these projects.

Fraco proposes two different work platforms, i.e. the ACT-8 and the FRSM-20K. Over the years, these two products have proven their efficiency and their ability to help contractors achieving the highest levels of performance. Both models are fully adaptable to any configurations and shapes of buildings and non-building structures. The ACT-8 and the FRSM-20K are also very flexible and can be modified in order to satisfy specifications of a particular project.

In 2012, Fraco launched the BR-1, an innovative under bridge access platform. Equiped with a mobile base chassis, the BR-1 represents the perfect equipment for major works of bridge rehabilitation.

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